Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LIFT gets a Makeover

New look, same great quality.  I made the executive decision that LIFT Fitness needed a new and improved look.  I wanted a logo that was bold, yet simple.  I consulted with a fellow Master Mind Fight Clubber and Crossfitter, Erika Jeanne. She is an amazing artist and graphic designer. Check out her t-shirts HERE!  They are brilliant.  Anyway, I told her what I wanted for my logo and here is what she came up with:

I LOVE it!  I couldn't be happier with this design.  I think it fits my personality and my business perfectly.  I am ready to hit the printing presses for biz cards, shirts, postcards and stickers.  The new logo is just the beginning for LIFT Fitness.  It just needed a fresh start and a makeover.  

For those who may not know what my previous logo looked like, here it is:

Thanks again Erika for all your help!

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