Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Titia Arledge's Before and After

Titia is one of the greatest women I have ever met.  She is selfless, generous, strong (physically and mentally) and has the BIGGEST heart.  She always showed up with a smile and ready to work, and she worked HARD.  I feel honored that she chose me as her trainer. She definitely made me look good!


Titia's Testimonial:

Personal training with Jessica has and will continue to uplift my self image and confidence and instilling a positive body image that I have never known and most of all to set and reach athletic goals I would have NEVER thought possible in my lifetime.  As an accomplished athlete herself, Jessica positively encourages, diligently instructs and creatively challenges my physical abilities to levels I never could have achieved on my own!  Jessica has given me the tools I need to build lean muscle mass, which definitely “takes up less space” in jeans going from sizes 16-18 down to a size 6!!  The phrase “…oh she is just big boned” no longer applies as the excuse for my excess weight, nor does “…oh for a tall girl she carries her weight well”.  With Jessica, a very disciplined role model and understanding support, I whole-heartedly decided to break those limiting words; maximizing the resources she provided and began my journey of combining great nutrition, regular training and a heart rate monitor that showed me the calories I was burning, all 42 pounds!  Regular workouts with Jessica has set me on a path from a person who had no regular exercise at all to becoming an avid cyclist with century rides, a duathalon and one triathlon all within the first year and half of training with her.  

Thank You Titia for all your hard work and dedication!

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